Critical Praise for Decision at Tom’s Brook


“Everything about Decision at Tom’s Brook is admirable: definitive research, skillful weighing of evidence and graceful prose. It is a book of the very first order.”

America’s Civil War magazine, January 2017

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“By keeping people—soldiers—at the heart of the narrative, a small incident of the war speaks to the whole. A first-rate scholar, and a battlefield tramper with a deep knowledge of the ground, Miller has assembled a solid history.  Add to those credentials a rich editorial background, and years spent teaching composition and literature and you have an author who can ferret out a good story, and knows how to tell it.”

Civil War News, November 2016

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“A model history of a small-scale Civil War battle. . . . he provides vivid character studies, particularly of Custer and Rosser, and his concluding chapter, documenting Rosser’s postwar life and the former general’s efforts to defend his wartime record, is especially well done.”

Civil War News, December 2016

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“Miller’s work is a labor of love, filled with wonderful anecdotes drawn from the vast array of resources he compiled. It is a great read for many different audiences, one that touches on battle details while also bringing a human face to the decisions and horrors of war.”

Journal of the Shenandoah Valley During the Civil War Era, vol. 1, 2018




“Remarkably well written and well researched, this book is one of this reviewer’s favorite Civil War books, not only because it is particularly well written, but also because this reviewer has been over the ground on which the action took place and was able to visualize exactly what happened and where.”

Shenandoah County Historical Society Newsletter, Fall 2016

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“Decision at Tom’s Brook draws upon research into primary source documents, yet distills its scholarship into accessible, reader-friendly prose. Highly recommended. . . .”

Midwest Book Review, October 2016



“There were moments within the book which left me enthralled; some of them were even written with the gravitas of tragedy. Behind the ‘friend against friend’ narrative is an amazing account of the battle and the details of the combat at Tom’s Brook. It is not one to be missed. Highly recommended!”

                                                              Gettysburg Chronicle, August 10, 2017

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