Tour Images

Meems Bottom 041418b
We choose our locations for their visual impact as well as for their historic importance. The strategic importance of New Market Gap, in the left background, helped create the circumstances that led to the battle at Tom’s Brook almost 30 miles away.
We keep our tours authentic. We use only historic roads. Sometimes those roads retain much of their character from a century and a half ago. Rosser’s Confederates used this section of the Middle Road to abandon their positions on Tom’s Brook.
We strive to make our tours personal. When we learned that two attendees descended from a trooper killed in the battle, we took them to the position on the field occupied by the regiment (12th Virginia Cavalry) and also to the soldier’s grave.
Our tours are intensely map-and-terrain oriented. Tom’s Brook offers excellent examples of the critical importance of terrain to military operations. Here, in a November 2016 private tour, Bill Miller and Ed Bearss gesture toward a distant ridgeline that masked a flanking movement by Custer’s cavalry.


Horse Holders 041418a
We try to paint pictures. We go and stand where the soldiers stood and use the soldiers’ words to show not only what happened but also how and why it happened.